Be Active, Be Global. People are our treasure.

  • Singapore headquarters
  • Tokyo branch
  • London branch
  • Shanghai Representative Office
  • USA Affiliated Company

Toyota Tsusho Petroleum Private Limited has been growing as a specialized trading company in the bunker fuel industry since its foundation in 1989. Throughout the ages we have strongly believed that “people are our treasure.” The people we work with in expanding our business are able to play an active role across national boundaries. These people, who build trusting relationships by actively going to the scene and communicating face to face, are our “treasures.” To grow this community of specialists we provide various human resource development programs special to the Toyota Tsusho Group.

Our business stance supports the pursuit of new opportunities without being tied to existing business models or successes experienced in the past. We are looking for people who are sympathetic toward our company values, have strong information transmission skills, possess creativity and passion, and have a fondness for the sea and ships. Let’s achieve the abundant potential found all over the world.

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